Spiritual Guru

Spiritual Guru Narayan Giri ji born on 7th, july 1974 in pachkani village, Patiyala, Punjab, India . Now he lives in rishikesh under the small hut. He is in Mauna (Silent) sandhna from 2014 and it will finish in 2022. So if Guru Narayan Giri ji needs something, he communicates by writing it out on a board.

He is one of the masters who have reached such a peak of transcendental consciousness that they feel United with the Supreme. After finding the highest truth, Guru Narayan  Ji selflessly enlighten others and helps them to seek the divinity that resides in them.

At age of 12 years , he left home and started Sadhna with his guru in Himalayas and char dham (Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath) and many more places.Through his close connection with the Supreme, Guru Narayan ji can fasten the progress of their disciples in attaining the divinity. Though his teachings reflect the environment that was prevalent during his learning period yet the spiritual ideology remains timeless.

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